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PV Changes the World
After more than ten years of rapid development, Tongwei has become a integrated PV enterprise with high-purity polysilicon production
in upstream and high-efficiency solar cell production in midstream and high-efficiency PV module production in downstream ,
as well as experience in PV power plant construction and operation. It has formed a complete PV new energy industry chain
with independent intellectual property rights and leading scale, technology, cost and quality advantages.

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TW Solar deeply explores the R&D, production, and promotion of core solar power generation products and is a global-leading manufacturer of crystalline cells.
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Solar cell
TW Solar has formed a number of technical achievements with independent intellectual property rights in the core technical fields such as ALD back passivation, selective emitter technology, bifacial solar cell, multi-busbar (MBB), TOPCon cell, HJT cell, etc.
Tongwei Shingled Modules
With Tongwei's shingled module technology, TW Solar has formed a series of fully-flexible, zero-lead, environment-friendly shingled modules with TW Solar's characteristics and a range of half-cell module products covering market demand at all levels, with an annual production capacity of 7.2GW.
Tongwei Half-cell
The conventional module features a series-parallel design, a unique version, and a circuit design. It has an excellent load and EL performance leading the technology industry, with an annual production capacity of 8GW.

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Release DateProduct NameProduct TypeUnit Price
2023/02/10Mono PERC Cell182(150μm)¥1.15
2023/02/10Mono PERC Cell210(150μm)¥1.15

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