Core R&D, Global Leading
Existing Capacity
Global shipment due on 2023
Operating Rate
With a total cell production capacity of 100GW, TW Solar has become an enterprise with “6 Bests” enterprises with the largest production capacity, the largest shipments, the most profitable, the lowest cost, the highest operating rate, and the fastest construction speed in the global cell industry for six consecutive years.
Due on 2022, TW Solar's cell capacity has reached 120GW, further consolidating its leading position in the global PV cell link.
PERC cell efficiency
World record 23.47%
The first GW-level production line in China
Cell Efficiency
Up to 26.49%
The first
210mm PECVD Poly TOPCon
Pilot test line in the industry
G12 Full-area
Industrialized TOPCon Cell Efficiency
Up to 26.1%
Layout Full Back Contact Solar Cell
Technology Development
Establish a world-class HJT and
perovskite R&D Team

Solar Cell Product Display