Liu Hanyuan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tongwei Group once said: "Corporate culture is not a castle in the air. It is reflected in everything, every word, and every behavior. It is the inadvertent thinking and behavior of employees and is rooted in everyone's heart. It truly guides an enterprise in efforts for sustainable development, goals of forging ahead, the attitude of treating people, and the significance of creating wealth.”

Guided by this direction, TW Solar's corporate culture was born in the process of solving the company's survival and development problems, and has grown into a stable and unique core culture concept system through continuous refinement at various stages. It represents our pursuit and standards of value, and reflects TW Solar's core values through the minds and behaviors of our employees.

Our Mission
PV Changes the World

We are committed to achieving zero-pollution clean energy through "stability" and "continuous technological innovation";
Become an important participant and driving force in the development of PV and new energy industry in China and even the world, and Contribute to the green, low-carbon, and sustainable development of global energy sector.

Our Vision
Build a world-class clean energy enterprise
Benefit mankind with solar energy

Deeply engage in the R&D, manufacturing, and promotion of core products for solar power generation;
Create a series of fully-flexible, zero-lead, environment-friendly shingled modules with TW Solar's characteristics and a matrix of half-cell module products covering market demand at all levels, Provide end customers with a full range of product solutions, and ensure full-cycle after-sales service with professional service teams, Meet the growing demand for clean energy of customers around the world.

Our Core Values
Enjoy Striving, Embrace Crises, Prevent Danger and Emphasize on Safety

Enjoy Striving:
Striving is a process of overcoming various difficulties for a goal. This process will be full of pressure, pain, and even setbacks; however, only striving can create value. The history of TW Solar is a history of striving, in which a group of people who shared a common goal challenge, move forward, grow, and enjoy the achievements together. Everyone takes pride in their hard work.

Embrace Crises:
An enterprises is like a ball on a slope. If it does not move forward, it will roll down. "The only constant in the market is change." Tongwei members deeply understand the significance of maintaining a "crisis awareness" to our common cause of PV development. We take initiative to discover crises, face crises and solve crises before fully benchmarking for improvement. This is how Tongwei members embracing crises.

Preventing Danger and Focusing on Safety:
"Safety" is an insurmountable red line, a premise for all work, and any decision must give priority to safety. Every hardworking Tongwei employee must be rooted in the concept that safety is everyone's responsibility, everyone's participation, and prevention is the first thing to do, and practice it in work.

PV Learning Center of Tongwei University

In response to the increasing demand for talents due to the exponential growth of the annual production capacity, on May 18, 2017, Liu Hanyuan, Board Chairman of Tongwei Group, came to the site and unveiled the PV Institute of Tongwei University, announcing the beginning of the high-speed cultivation of PV talents.

The PV Learning Center is devoted to the mission of "building TW Solar's talent team, creating a new energy industry talent training base, promoting the practice of corporate culture, and ensuring the achievement of strategic goals” and to the vision of "passing on the Tongwei culture, improving comprehensive capabilities, storing knowledge assets, and building a first-class corporate university in China.” The Center aims at forming a comprehensive training system based on the online learning system, which consists of the Sailing Project, the Climbing Project and the Elite Project for fresh graduates, key employees, and middle and senior managers, respectively, under the guidance of the three-level training principle of "morality, ability, and performance".

500+ The Center provides TW Solar with more than 500 outstanding graduates every year, including undergraduate, graduates, and Ph.Ds.
600+ The Center cultivates more than 600 skilled talents every year.
3000+ The Center provides more than 3,000 technicians to the production line every year.
Cultural Building

Tongwei Solar’s corporate culture is supported by a complete supporting system. In Tongwei, employees are motivated by a series of “ritual activities” such as flag-raising ceremony, debriefing ceremony, and promotion ceremony. Employees are empowered with stronger ability with the establishment of a talent training system and a smooth talent training channel. Employees are also feeling a sense of belonging because of a series of caring policies and activities such as mutual fund, holiday benefits, homecoming benefits and birthday parties. TW Solar continues to enhance employees' crisis response abilities through internal benchmarking, industrial benchmarking, and cross-industry benchmarking. TW Solar has also rolled out many safety management activities, such as “smartphone-off-hands campaign,” safety tokens, and safe production month to improve all employees' awareness of safety.