Scientific and Technological Innovation
Build up a New Sustainable PV Ecology
Tongwei has established 3 national first-class PV technology R&D centers and set up scientific research and technology teams led by industry experts, and is working to deepen the industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes at home and abroad. Tongwei focuses on the cutting-edge technologies and independently developed first 1GW 210mm TNC mass production line and first large-size advanced metalization test line in the industry, and has been developing pilot test lines for new cells and mainstream module technologies. Tongwei has been injecting vitality into the industry development through continuous innovation.
Tongwei PV Technology System focused on the R&D and mass production of new technologies and new products (such as TNC and HJT) to further enhance the R&D and development of cross-generation and cutting-edge technologies in the industry (including HBC, perovskite, laminated cells/modules, PV+energy storage and other technologies). In the future, Tongwei will continue to consolidate our strengths of technological innovation, further enhance our overall competitiveness. While providing efficient and high-quality products for upstream and downstream partners, Tongwei will also contribute to the development of green energy and build a sustainable new ecology of the PV industry.

Production Bases

Shuangliu, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Middle test line for HJT cell
Middle test line for full-back contact cell
Advanced metallization test line
Pilot test line for module R&D
Perovskite Laminated Laboratory
Photovoltaic testing center
Jintang, Chengdu, Sichuan Province
1GW HJT Production Line
Cutting R&D line
Meishan, Sichuan Province
TNC Cell R&D line
Leshan, Sichuan Province
Yongxiang Silicon Material R&D Center
Crystal Growth R&D Line
Hefei, Anhui Province
Middle test line for HJT cell
Module R&D Center
Module outdoor experiment base

High-purity Crystalline Silicon R&D

Circular economy industry chain

Tail gas recovery High-efficiency reduction Energy-saving distillation Anti-disproportionation Cold hydrogenation

Closed-loop cycle of oxygen and hydrogen elements Synthesis of trichlorosilane Thermal energy cascade recycling

Electronic grade parameter: 100% Ultra-efficient application: N-type Technical reserve: semiconductor

Cell technology R&D

The world's first industrial 4.0 high-efficiency cell production line

Tongwei Speed: 5G Super Smart FactoryChina Speed: 30% energy consumptionGlobal Speed: 161% production efficiency

Photovoltaic Technology R&D Qualifications

State-certificated Enterprise Technology Center Sichuan Engineering Technology Research Center

Sichuan Engineering Research Center Chengdu Photovoltaic Testing Center (CNAS Certification)

Hefei Photovoltaic Experimental Center (CNAS Certification)

PV Technology R&D and Intellectual Property Rights

1822 patents granted (as of Q3, 2023) National Intellectual Property Advantageous Enterprise

China Patent Award First prize of Sichuan Patent Award

"Zero Carbon China"
Innovative technology

Technology R&D is one of the four core competencies of Tongwei. Tongwei has now carried out R&D projects on TOPCon, HJT, IBC, perovskite, and other technologies, all equipped with excellent test lines, laboratories, and other R&D facilities. In terms of Tongwei TNC, based on the self-developed "TNC" technology, Tongwei has achieved pilot line cell efficiency of 26.1% (the highest industrialized efficiency of M10 silicon wafers) and the mass production cell efficiency of 25.5%. In terms of Tongwei THC, Tongwei broke the world record of mass production cell efficiency with an astonishing figure of 26.49% in March 2023. In 2023, Tongwei has beaten the world record for the power of heterojunction modules three times, marking its entry into the era of 730W.

Tongwei High-efficiency Modules
Design Advantages

Multi-busbar - reduced strings increase output, dense wires reduce losses
The grid lines are densely distributed, and the stress is uniform with SMBB design, Significantly reduce BOM cost, and the output power is 1-2W higher than that of MBB
Half-cell cut - reduce flow and loss
Current density is reduced by 1/2, internat power loss is reduced to 1/4 of conventional modules, and the rated output power is increased by 5-10w
Shading, not compromising energy
Up-down symmetrical parallel module design, effectively reduce current mismatch due to shading. The power output is increased by 50%
Lossless Cutting
Lossless laser cutting technology, no mechanical damage, smooth cutting surface without burrs. Low cell cracking risks, micro-cracking is reduced by more than 50%
New Solder Ribbon
Adopt round-shaped solder ribbon, low shading area, Multiple reflections of incident light, power increased by 1-2W
High-Density Encapsulation Technology
The 210 Series adopts advanced high-density encapsulation technology to ensure the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability. Module efficiency increased by more than 0.15%

Tongwei High-efficiency Modules
System Advantages

Lower Operating Temperature
The outdoor temperature range of half-cell module is 2-3℃ lower than that of conventional modules, and the power output increases by more than 0.5% under the same conditions.
Superior Surface Loading Capacity
The overall module passed 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load tests
Higher Conversion Efficiency
With the outstanding cell technology and leading processing techniques, the conversion efficiency of TOPCon high-efficiency module is more than 22.0%
Excellent Low-light Performance
TOPCon high-efficiency module outputs more power in low-light conditions such as cloudy, morning, and evening situations
Excellent Anti-PID Performance
Possibilities of degradation caused by PID is minimized by optimization of cell production technology and material management

Frontier Exploration
Changing the Future with Technology

TBC R&D Line: Tongwei newly invested in large-scale wet process, coating, and silk-screen printing equipment in July 2022, and is committed to the R&D of mass production technology for back contact cells and modules based on the tunneling oxide layer structure. Perovskite Lab: Tongwei established an industry-leading full-function perovskite laboratory in the third quarter of 2022, focusing on the R&D of perovskite + crystalline silicon laminated cell technology. The laboratory is located in the Class-10,000 R&D Workshop of Chengdu Shuangliu Base. It is equipped with a local dry environment and has key equipment such as PVD, evaporation, ALD, and coating, which can meet the development needs of various perovskite-related solar cells.

Tongwei TBC Pilot Test Line

Tongwei Perovskite Laboratory