Seedlings rise
seeking caress from the sun
TW Solar has established a sound staff promotion management system and opened up both horizontal and vertical career development channels.
Holiday benefits: Spring Festival, Women's Day, Children's Day, Mid-Autumn Festival, the anniversaries of TW Solar and Tongwei Group;
Other holidays, such as Lantern Festival, May Day, Dragon Boat Festival, National Day, New Year's Day, etc.
We hold dinner parties, provide additional meals and give away gifts in consideration of TW Solar's production and operation and the balance of the "trade union funds".
Monetary payments: birthday congratulation, wedding congratulation, childbirth congratulation, visit of retirees, comfort for challenging employees, injury, and illness, etc.;
Employees enjoy a subsidized canteen, meal allowance, refreshing drinks, and customized work uniforms;
Family visit benefits; health check up; loyal employee bonuses; mutual healthcare aid; free parking.
We provide smooth and fair promotion channels for technical, managerial and operational employees.
We help employees to clarify their career positioning and make good career planning.
We provide a variety of career opportunities according to personal advantages and characteristics.
The Management College of Tongwei Learning Center is committed to five major programs: Seedling Program, Elite Program, Young Blood Program, Sailing Program and Excellence Program.
Establishing a learning path from freshmen to executives, the College aims at sustainable talent development.