High-quality Incoming Materials
High-efficiency Conversion
TW Solar Module Product Half-cell/Shingled, Realizing full coverage

Advantages of Half-cell N-type Products

Higher Power output
Power of N-type modules is 15-20W higher
than P-type under the same version
Higher Bifaciality
Bifacility of N-type modules is 10-15% higher
than P-type under the same version
Lower Temperature Coefficient
Temperature coefficient of P-type module is -0.33%/℃
The N-type module optimizes temperature coefficient to -0.30%/℃
Power generation is particularly prominent in high-temperature environments
P-type   N-type
Better Power Guarantee
1% degradation in the first year for N-type module (2% for P-type)
Both monofacial and bifacial has a 30-year output warranty
(P-type bifacial 30-year, monofacial 25-year)
Power output after 30 years is not less than 87.4% of the initial power
P-type   N-type

Advantages of Half-cell P-type Products