• Improve ESG Governance System
  • To better promote sustainable development, at the end of 2021, we improved the governance system, set up an "Energy Management Committee" under the Board of Directors, set up a "three-level management structure," built an advanced ESG management system, and comprehensively promoted the integration of ESG concepts into the whole process of Tongwei's production and operation.
    Decision Level Board of Directors Overall ownership of decisions
    Management Energy Management Committee Overall coordinated management
    Executive Level Sustainable development management group Specific implementation
  • Adhere to the Sunshine Business Philosophy
  • Adhering to the business philosophy of "Sincerity, Trustworthiness, Integrity, and Consistency," we insist on strictly demanding high standards of business ethics and strive to create a fresh and healthy working atmosphere by continuously promoting the construction of the anti-corruption system, optimizing the plurality of supervision and review systems, and improving the complaint reporting mechanism.
  • We develop relevant anti-corruption management systems and set up full-time anti-corruption postions.
  • We carry out integrity training to create a fresh and healthy atmosphere.
  • We have anti-commercial bribery agreements with our suppliers to prevent direct or indirect tunneling during the procurement process.
  • Strict Supervision and Auditing
  • 3 efforts: "Active supervision, supervision and implementation, supervision and education"
  • 4 consciousness: "In-depth supervision, comprehensive supervision, serve for operation, risk prevention and control"
  • Deepen Risk Compliance Management
  • We always follow the principle of "unifying liabilities and rights," continuously optimize the risk compliance management system, strengthen the "three lines of defense" of business management, risk control, and internal supervision, implement source control, and continuously improve the efficiency of risk compliance management.
    Business Management Risk Control Internal Audit